EMH has drafted a new brochure about its structure, history, goals etc. You can download the full version as well as the web-only version.

The next General Assembly of EMH takes place on 14 January in Lisbon, Portugal. The agenda has been distributed and can also be accessed through the membership section.

After a successful General Assembly in Hamburg, EMH is well on its way to creating a completely new membership structure; more open and democratic and - most important - not exclusive to new members. More to follow soon.

Further news from the Inland Waterways Council (November 2022)

There is interesting news from the Inland Waterways Council (August 2022)

The latest webinar of EMH dealt with the new Spanish legislation regarding traditional vessels.

The General Board has mandated the Daily Management Board of EMH to prepare a new, broader, more integrating structure of EMH besides the concept of the national membership in the near future.

The General Board of EMH has approved the new visual identity of EMH, created by the Lithuanian agency standup.

A White Paper on the problem of international travel on traditional vessels has been drafted, it can be downloaded in the membership section.