Memorandum of Understanding


The Memorandum of Understanding on the mutual recognition of certificates for the safe operation of traditional ships in European waters and of certificates of competency for crews on traditional ships, signed in November 2005, was regarded as one of the great achievements of EMH.

The MoU became necessary as traditional ships that often operate on national safety certificates could not rely on international rules such as SOLAS or rules within the EU. However, nationally certified traditional vessels usually follow very high and comparable safety standards so their mutual recognition is an almost logical step.

The actual MoU is mainly designed for traditional ships participating in maritime events in other countries, but not for international passenger transport on traditional vessels, which is a clear aim of EMH for the future.

The MOU has been signed by Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden and Spain. Norway actually holds the chairmanship over the MOU.

The texts of the MOU can be downloaded from the documents section.