1. It is with great sadness that we have to announce the much too early passing of our member Brian Corbett. Brian, as a member of the Board of Directors of the European Maritime Heritage Foundation, was instrumental in setting new directions in maritime heritage projects and funding. His almost endless energy, enthusiasm, and dedication have been exemplary for us. Our thoughts are with his family. May he rest in peace.
  2. The General Assembly of EMH will take place on October 1 in Piran, Slovenia. Please save the date.
  3. The latest webinar of EMH took place on June 9, 2022, at 18.00 CET via zoom. It dealt with the new Spanish legislation regarding traditional vessels.
  4. The General Board has mandated the Daily Management Board of EMH to prepare a new, broader, more integrating structure of EMH besides the concept of the national membership in the near future.
  5. The General Board of EMH has approved the new visual identity of EMH, created by the Lithuanian agency standup.
  6. Read our latest newsletter (May 2022)
  7. Whitstable Maritime will organize a festival of sail on the weekend of 19/20 August 2023.
  8. The next meeting of the Cultural Council will take place on 21 May in Cesenatico, Italy.
  9. The next meeting of the General Board of EMH is planned for 21/22 May in Cesenatico, Italy.
  10. The DMB of EMH will participate in the European Maritime Days in Ravenna, Italy, on May 19/20 2022.
  11. You can access the newsletter for January 2022 here. If you wish to receive regular updates, send an e-mail to
  12. EMH sent a position letter to the attention of the Minister of Finance and Budget, housing and Immovable Heritage and to the City of Antwerp in which EMH urges the Flemish authorities to reconsider the lifting of the qualification as monument – and the respective protection granted to heritage assets – to the flemish barge Céphée.
  13. The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the EMH-foundation has been canceled due to the difficult COVID-situation. We are planning for a zoom-meeting within the next weeks. The next in-person meeting shall now take place around the European Maritime Day in Ravenna in late May 2022.


  • The DMB as well as the Safety- and Environment Council held the first in-place meeting in Copenhagen over the weekend of 2-3 October 2021. 
  • You can access the newsletter of September 2021 here. If you wish to receive regular updates, send an e-mail to
  • The General Assembly of EMH for 2021 will be held on December 9, 2021, 19.00 CET, via zoom.
  • The next virtual meeting of the General Board of EMH is scheduled for September 22, 2021, 19.00 CET.
  • The Safety- and Environment Council of EMH is planning for a meeting in September/October 2021.
  • With great sadness, we have to announce that our Honorary Member, former President and Treasurer, Michael vom Baur, has sailed away from this world in June 2021 at the age of 66. Michael was crucial for setting the course of EMH from its beginning until the early 2000s. We will never forget him. 
  • EMH has been invited to the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Venice which will take place from 22 to 24 September. It will mainly be a virtual conference due to COVID.
  • EMH will attend the AMMM-Forum in October in Barcelona and deliver a speech about the impact of intangible heritage on the operation of traditional ships.
  • The DMB has been invited to attend the 15. meeting of traditional ships in Galicia in early August. Unfortunately, the event has been cancelled due to COVID.
  • There will be a musical event on June 8 in Kiel (starting at 7 pm at the Blücherkai) under the patronage of EMH with a collection of donations for our Foundation. 
  • Here you can access the newsletter for June 2021. If you wish to receive regular updates, send an e-mail to
  • The Daily Management Board of EMH evaluates the possibilities of an EU-funded project under the INTERREG-Program together with a professional consultancy. 
  • A White Paper on the problem of international travel on traditional vessels has been drafted, it can be downloaded in the membership section.
  • It was decided to cancel this years’ Congress in Pylos, Greece, mainly due to the uncertainties around COVID 19. The General Board will discuss the 2022 congress in its next meeting.
  • The Safety Council of EMH met online on 10 May and 7 June 2021, 4 p.m. (CET)
  • The presentation of Francesc Despuig Carreras on lateen-rigged boats in the Mediterranean during our webinar is now online on our YouTube channel.
  • The second webinar of EMH is coming up on Thursday, 29 April 2021, at 17.00 CET. It will deal with lateen sails in Catalonia.
  • Joao de Almeida, David Morgan, and Thomas Hoppe were invited by the Maritime Heritage Trust (UK) to speak about What EMH does for uson 26 April 2020, 20.00 CET
  • EMH has opened a YouTube-channel
  • True Bearing, the monthly messages of our president, have been launched
  • The next congress of EMH shall take place in the first half of September in Pylos, Greece, should circumstances allow. It will mainly deal with replicas and a revision of the Barcelona Charter.
  • The first Heritage Talks of EMH will take place on 15 and 29 April, dealing with international travel on traditional boats and lateen sails
  • The Board of Trustees of the EMH-Foundation will hold its next meeting via zoom on March 30, 2020.
  • EMH is closely cooperating with the UK Heritage Harbor Initiative. Here is their latest newsletter (March 2020).


  • Our former president, David T. Morgan, has been elected as Honorary Member of EMH for his outstanding services to the organization (December 2020).
  • EMH has a new president. The General assembly voted unanimously for Joao de Almeida from Portugal (October 2020).