Cultural Council


The EMH Cultural Council has launched the so-called Barcelona Charter for the protection of historic traditional ships. The Barcelona Charter was created as a code of best practice and minimum standard for conservation and restoration of vessels to be recognized as traditional ships in operation.

Today, the Cultural Council focusses – among others – on projects like a Historic harbors Handbook, creating criteria for historic harbors, and modernizing the Barcelona Charter.

Its members are:

  • Martine van Lier (Chairman)
  • Mathilde Højrup Autzen
  • Pablo Carrera Lopez
  • Lars Kröger
  • Nikolas Vlavianos
  • Kari Anne Flaa
  • Trausti Brigisson
  • João Barbas d’Oliviera
  • Elisabete Curtinhal
  • Hannah Cunliffe
  • Chantal Flamant