Are passengers allowed on new historical pleasure craft?

The question came up during the CESNI consultations. It turned out to be an interpretation question, or series of questions, of the existing texts in the ESTRIN. ESTRIN recognizes the concept of a historic ship and makes it possible to bring a historic ship into service 'anew', but is rather vague about the stay of passengers on board.
The Dutch delegation brought the question up. What followed was a difficult discussion about the definition of a passenger is, whether a passenger on a pleasure craft would constitute competition with existing passenger ships, which activities should be allowed on board and which should not, about commercial activities and leisure, when a fee payed by a passenger means a ship is engaged in trade and much more.
What clouds the discussion is that ESTRIN calls anything that sails with fewer than 13 passengers a 'pleasure craft', even if it is operated commercially (irrespective of profit).  It did not lead to a clear interpretation so the discussion will continue next time. EMH did not take a position during the lengthy deliberations.

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